Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operations 2

I think with a little time and hopefully some criticism being taken on board, MSGBO 2 can become a game that fans have wanted for a long time.

Title:Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operations 2
Developer:Bandai Namco
Release:Oct 1st 2019
Price: Free to Play

I’ve enjoyed the Gundam series since I watched Gundam Wing back when it was on Cartoon Network’s Toonami. Since Crunchyroll have been airing a lot of the shows I got to watching some of them. Iron-blooded Orphans has become one of my favourite series so far. Wanting more of the series I’ve delved into some of the games from Crossfire to Gunpla Warfare.

MSGBO 2 is a free-to-play, 3rd person shooter that plays ok but there are a few issues I personally feel make the game a little meh, but the game looks nice.

Starting up the game for the first time I had several notifications telling me I’d been given some free Mobile Suits due to surveys that were completed. Not complaining about the choices made but there are one or two I’d of not chosen given the opportunity.

I’d suggest doing the tutorials that are available after the initial tutorial because they left out some key battle functions like melee counters. Plus as an added bonus you receive some currency, tokens and the odd mobile suit used for some of the training scenarios.

Battles consist of ranked matches or unranked quick matches. Either in a space battle or on the ground, both space and ground battles play a little differently because of the obvious gravity limitations. Boosters overheat regardless of location when you use them for high-speed manoeuvres in space or using them to jump or dash on the ground.

Moving the Mobile Suit feels fine apart of camera movement is slow which I can kind of understand but comparing movement to the shows it’s like I’m turning a tank, even the Guntank in the shows turns quicker. Melee attacks are restricted to one attack unless your mech has a skill to allow multiple attacks which again, comparing to shows, is awful. I want to be able to counter an attack and go ham on my enemy, although countering an attack is something you need to time perfectly to do. Guns overheat and/or need reloading after a few shots and that’s fine with me.

The ability to crouch and go prone is quite a nice feature if you fancy shooting from a distance and doing either gives you slight stat boosts to health and attack depending on the position you’re in. Crouching allows you to exit your MS and move around the map as a pilot. Kind of like Titanfall but the pilot movement is a lot less graceful. The camera movement speed is the same as in the MS which is, as I mentioned earlier, a hinderance more than anything and you can’t edit the camera speed in the settings either, only the buttons. The jet pack for the pilot feels awkward when trying to move around but in a straight line, with the high speed boost, can get you to your destination a lot quicker than running. You can also do an emergency exit, I tend to use it right before my MS is about to be destroyed. There are checkpoints on the maps which you can claim while playing as your pilot, you can summon your MS (if it’s been destroyed or you deploy as a pilot) or use support strikes which can destroy multiple enemies in one hit if their health is low enough.

Battles have certain restrictions which correspond to the cost of deploying your Mobile Suits. Each MS has a different cost value and level, a level 1 mech will cost less than say the level 3 version of that suit. Obtaining more MS is simple, either exchange your currency or tokens in your usual gatcha style way. Weapons and upgrades can be obtained in the same way. Upgrades giving your MS a little boost to certain stats depending on what the upgrade is for.

Clans are a thing but I haven’t joined one yet. You need to be a certain player level to create one but I think you can join one at any point. Joining one gives you some bonuses I believe.

I think with a little time and hopefully some criticism being taken on board, MSGBO 2 can become a game that fans have wanted for a long time.

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