Time for a change?

I’m never satisfied with what I make. Constantly changing and editing things new and old.

I started Multiplayer back in 2015, under a few different names and had it on different platforms. Started on WordPress, went with self-hosting as that gave me more freedom design-wise. The problem with self-hosting a site is cost, as you may know a hosting package plus domain name can become expensive, it’s not too expensive if you find the right web host and are lucky with the domain you want being cheap.

I’ve always enjoyed coding in HTML and CSS, started using the Bootstrap framework before I eventually shut the site down 2 years ago. As I said earlier that I’m never happy with what I’ve got, I was burning myself out trying to write ”reviews” on games as well as editing the site to match the look and feel I was after. I look at the top review sites and I think to myself, they’ve maybe changed their site aesthetic maybe a handful of times over the years they’ve been publishing.

Maybe I should take a leaf from their books. I think I’ll do one more name change/ overhaul of the site and make myself step back from changing how the site looks for at least a year. I know content should be a top priority, my content definitely needs some fine tuning and adjustments. Going to one more overhaul then it’s time to focus on the content, work on my writing.

Let me know, what your thoughts are on the matter? Have you been in a similar situation?

Thanks for reading

Scott – RoguishGamer

By RoguishGamer

I like video games.

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