I Am Setsuna (review re-release)

The visuals are beautiful, the music and sounds are great, story is compelling and I want to keep playing.


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I love a beautiful piano piece in games, don’t you? Well upon launching the game, configuring the pre-launch settings, going through the usual splash screens, you arrive at the title screen and I honestly just sat there for a few minutes.

Taking in the soft, pleasing sound of the piano playing in the background while the snow falls around the title.

Once I was satisfied that I had taken in enough of the piano piece, I proceeded onto playing the game. Somewhat of a vaguely similar character design style as Bravely Default (I enjoyed that game a lot during the few months I had no internet.
Stopped playing once internet returned, I’m missing out.). I’m not sure how I see a similarity, If you put a character from each game side-by-side you will see no similarity but it just feels similar. I get the feeling I’m going to enjoy this game.

As I start my journey I just can’t help but feel immersed in this stunning scenery. A forest path, snow everywhere, it just makes me feel calm. Around the corner I start my first battle with a Pengy (a penguin with razor teeth) and I instantly notice some rather nice visual effects when attacking. This tutorial section is in-depth but not overwhelming, there is quite a bit of text to read through but it instructs you in a very clear and simple way. Relevant images accompany the text help instruct the player with basic game mechanics, kind of like the manuals you would get with physical copies of games. Remember those? If printer ink wasnt so expensive I’d be making my own user manuals and box covers, pointless information I know but I’m feeling nostalgic.

Throughout the game the music is very reminiscent of that of the extremely popular Final Fantasy series. The core mechanics, the overworld map, combat and general theme of the story are also very similar to that of the Final Fantasy games, in particular Final Fantasy 7 – Final Fantasy 9 . What sets I am Setsuna apart is the visual presentation, the solo piano score playing throughout. Growing up playing those games and being so immersed and falling in love with them, I am Setsuna really takes you back to those days.


The first boss battle I had in I am Setsuna I panicked, just like I did way back when. I had completely forgotten that it has a turn based mechanic and attacks still happen even when your planning your attack, before I knew it one of the characters had died. Found out the boss was pretty easy, I was just being silly.

I honestly want to keep writing but I don’t want this to drag on much more than it has to. Overall the visuals are beautiful, the music and sounds are great, story is compelling and I want to keep playing.

By RoguishGamer

I like video games.

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