Megabyte Punch (review re-release)

Great game with a Smash Bro’s feel.

Title:Megabyte Punch
Developer:Team Reptile
Release:Oct 2013

So I was bored, just browsing some games to buy online. Not looking for anything in particular, I spent ages looking through a mass of game names and clicking on random ones until I saw this game.

I clicked on it just to find out some details and I opened a new tab in my browser to look for videos. The problem was I needed to have it! It’s like Smash Bros. but with little robots that you can customize.

The customization is pretty straightforward, as you progress through the single player story levels some enemies that you defeat will drop parts, these parts can be equipped right away just by going to the inventory, but you have to make sure there are no enemies around because going to your inventory does not pause the game. Bosses also drop parts that you need to progress past certain areas. 

Colour Capsules can be found around the different stages of Adventure mode, they are usually hidden in hard to reach, hard to find places. So once you start getting parts with abilities they are much easier to obtain, there are a total of 30 colour capsules to get and each one looks pretty sweet.

If you take a look at the video below I briefly show you the inventory system, if you go to the parts section it will show you all the parts you have equipped. As you progress more and more parts become available, most of which give you special abilities like teleportation, super uppercut, temporary flight and more. The Attach Parts option allows you to see the parts you have picked up and equip them, Abilities gives you the option to select which four abilities you use.

Apart from the Adventure mode there is the Fight Mode which is just like smash bros. . Selecting fight mode will give you the choice of either tournament mode which is a single player and versus which will ask you how many players are going to be playing, from 2-4 Players Local split-screen Multiplayer. Once the amount of players playing have been selected, you are in the lobby where you select you parts, colours and abilities before you head to the portal to fight.

As I said at the start I had to get this game. Once I had bought it my first session was 4 HOURS long! I just could not stop playing. With so many cool little parts and colours to collect this game is pretty fun and honestly doesn’t feel repetitive at all. So Megabyte Punch gets a big thumbs up from me and I highly recommending this to everyone.

By RoguishGamer

I like video games.

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