Multiplayer Returns!

“Gamers don’t die, they respawn.” – Unknown Source
After a few years hiatus I have returned…..

Gamers don’t die. They respawn. — Unknown Source

After a few years away I decided I want to bring the site back under a new domain ( it’s the 3rd or 4th now).

Not sure why I decided to bring it back, maybe it was boredom, maybe I just want to try again.

Keeping to a schedule isn’t really my sort of thing, I tend to leave posts to the last minute and rush them. Family, social life and work, you know, adult things, are more important in life than focusing on writing something that hardly gets noticed in the vast sea of the internet.

I’ll be giving game reviews another go, videos too at some point but not going to give myself strict deadlines to follow. Going with the flow will hopefully bring better quality content that I’m happy with and hopefully other people will enjoy.

If you’ve read this far I thank you. Feel free to follow the site and if you are interested in posting a review or video then let me know.

Many thanks


By RoguishGamer

I like video games.

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